Success Stories

Outside of the media’s eye, Joey Jackson’s zealous representation persists. Everyday citizens deserve and continue to get his very best. His efforts for those enduring a crisis are equally steadfast and fierce, whether the media is watching or not.

  • People v. Jeffries: Acquitted by a Manhattan Supreme Court jury of DWI despite blowing a .18 on the breathalyzer and police testimony regarding alleged intoxication.
  • People v. Santana: Acquitted by a Bronx Criminal Court jury of DWI despite being involved in a collision and having the police and eye witness attest to his alleged intoxication.
  • People v. China: Acquitted by a Queens Supreme Court jury of Attempted Murder despite the victim’s DNA recovered on his knife, and numerous witnesses asserting he was responsible.
  • People v. Stephens: Acquitted by the Court of Stalking and Aggravated Harassment despite a detailed email trail to the alleged victim.
  • People v. Sanata: Trial Order of Dismissal where client accused of filing a false report with the police.

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